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The CIGB, is an institution of a dynamic development which has reached a high level of research and development of biological products. The CIGB Direction of Biomedical Research  works in more than 20 projects aimed at the obtainment and development of biomedical products for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, cancer, inflammation, autoimmunity, healing and cytoprotection. It comprises the departments of Vaccines, Pharmaceuticals, Immuno-diagnosis and Genomics, Chemical Physics and System Biology, and Control of Scientific-Technical Activity and Administrative. It has 200 workers: 41% holding the degree of Doctor in Sciences and 37% Masters in Sciences. Comprehensive information on the research projects carried out at the Direction Biomedical Research can be found at the CIGB Yearbook pdf 

The CIGB Direction of Clinical Trials is responsible for coordinating, designing and controlling the implementation and completion of clinical studies and pharmaco-surveillance, aimed to obtain the necessary sanitary registration for the commercial activity according to national and international standards. It is responsible for the preparation of registration dossiers of all products of the CIGB, procedures for new registrations, renewals, authorizations of clinical trials and dossiers changes with regulatory authorities in Cuba and other countries. It participates in the development stage of new products and the assessment of changes, advising from current regulations points of view. 

The CIGB Direction of Technological Development aims at converting scientific results into final products and/or technologies. The whole process of development comprises the establishment of technologies at laboratories with all required quality parameters, until scaling and pilot batch production.GMP and GLP are combined and sustained on a documented quality system providing the highest quality and safety of products and technologies that are being developed. 

The CIGB Biomedical Research Direction organizes every year a series of International Meetings and Workshops aimed to review the state of the art of the main research topics we cover. We invite you to visit at this web the specific information on these Meetings for the next two years.

  Dr. Gerardo Guillén Director, 
Biomedical Research
PhD in Biological Sciences MSc in Chemistry