Call for Sponsorship:

We are pleased to offer companies and organizations the opportunity to be corporate sponsors for the International Meeting Cancer & Autoimmunity 2018, which will be held in Varader from September 17-21, 2018.

TThis in-Cuba wound healing basic science meeting could be the first of a long series of events that aspire to join the efforts of Cuban, American and elsewhere scientists, and clinicians devoted to the science of healing wounds from all the perspectives of the specialty. We are committed with our efforts to turn this meeting in a unique opportunity to set the grounds for join, intense collaborative research efforts, with the aim to contribute to the health and quality-of-life of our peoples.  With this meeting we expect to join under the same and single roof, people with inspiration and creativity in an informal and friendly environment. 

Sponsors are very important to the Workshop, and the Organizing Committee ensures that their contribution is well recognized. We hope you will be part of the International Meeting Cancer & Autoimmunity 2018

Contacting us: For any other questions or requests, please email the Organizing Committee.