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Title: “Deep sequencing-based methodologies to study HIV-1 diversity, drug resistance, and reservoirs: from wet lab to bioinformatics tools”
Population (Sanger) sequencing has been the standard method in basic and clinical DNA sequencing for over 40 years; however, next-generation (deep) sequencing methodologies are now revolutionizing the field of genomics, and clinical virology is no exception. Deep sequencing is highly efficient, producing an enormous amount of information at low cost in a relatively short period of time. High-throughput sequencing techniques have enabled significant contributions to multiples areas in virology, including virus discovery and metagenomics (viromes), molecular epidemiology, pathogenesis, and studies of how viruses escape the host immune system and antiviral pressures. In addition, new and more affordable deep sequencing-based assays are now being implemented in clinical laboratories. In this workshop, we will review the use of current deep sequencing platforms in virology, focusing on the study of HIV-1 diversity, drug resistance and reservoir, as well as the bioinformatics tool needed to analyze the massive amount of information obtained with these methodologies

    • Program:
    • Module 1: Introduction to next-generation (deep) sequencing (45 min)
      • Module 2: Microbiome and virome studies (45 min)
      • Module 3: Deep sequencing-based HIV-1 genotyping assays (45 min)
      • Module 4: Can we characterize -accurately- the HIV-1 reservoir? (45 min) 
      • Module 5: Introduction to bioinformatics for deep sequencing analysis (45 min)

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