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Infectious diseases constitute a serious problem worldwide. Acute or chronic diseases may develop when an individual is infected by a microorganism and this process begins with the colonization of the extracellular or intracellular space. Nowadays, the development of new antiviral drugs and therapeutic vaccines against chronic diseases caused by Hepatitis B, C and HIV viruses constitutes a global priority, and considerable emphasis has been placed on the primary prevention of neglected tropical diseases, like Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya and Yellow Fever.On the other hand, a special attention must be dedicated on bacterial and parasitical infections such as tuberculosis, pertussis, malaria, leishmaniasis and others. Thus, the study of the immune response and the immunopathogenesis of these infections, as well as the evaluation of analytical systems and animal models applied to the development of more effective therapies and vaccines against them have become important objectives among the research community.

The Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology invites you to attend the IV Symposium on Infectious Diseases which is going to be held from October 26st to 29th, 2018 at Melia Marina Varadero hotel in Varadero, Cuba.

The IV Symposium on Infectious Diseases will provide a platform with a well-organized scientific program including key lectures, talks and poster sessions. The occasion will favor the exchange and discussion of novel strategies for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. The congress will involve Microbiologists, Virologists, Immunologist, Epidemiologists and Health Care Professionals.

Main Topics

  • Immune response and immunopathogenesis associated to viral diseases.
  • Prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines against Hepatitis B, C, HIV, Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya and Yellow fever.
  • Advances in diagnosis, vaccines and therapies against bacterial and parasitical infectious diseases: malaria, tuberculosis, pertussis, trypanosomiasis, leishmaniasis and others.
  • Antiviral drugs against viral Hepatitis, HIV and circulating arboviruses.
  • Co-infections with other relevant pathogens: Challenges and options.
  • Analytical systems and animal models for the study of viral infections.
  • Mathematical models for epidemiological predictions, development of immune response and effectiveness of treatments.
Infectious Diseases 2018 will be held from October 26st to 29th, 2018 at the Melia Marina Varadero hotel, Varadero, Cuba.

Information on these and other International Meetings organized by the CIGB Direction of Biomedical Research for 2018 can be found here.