Scientific Program

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Tuesday, September 18th

Integration of OMICs in Biomarker discovery and Personalized Medicines
Chairman: Prof. K. K. Jain (Switzerland) and Dr. Luis Javier Gonzalez (Cuba)
Day Activity

Key Lecture:

Prof. K. K. Jain (Switzerland)- Integration and translation of OMICs technologies (genomics, proteomis, metabolomics, etc) using systems biology approach to develop personalized medicines (from discovery to clinical applications).
9:30-9:55 Prof. Du Toit Loots (South Africa) - TB or not TB: New metabolomics biomarkers better characterizing and diagnosing tuberculosis.
10:00-10:25 Dr. Beatriz Marcheco Teruel (Cuba) - Cuba: the history of admixture and population structure using genome-wide data.
10:30-10:55 Dr. Susmita Datta (USA) - Advances and Challenges of Single Cell RNA Sequencing Data Analysis.
11:00-11:15 Coffe Break
11:15-11:40 Dr. Andreas Werner (UK) - Natural antisense transcripts, physiological roles and potential biomedical applications.
11:45-12:10 Dr. Chottova Dvorakova M (Czech Republic) - Past and present of laser capture microdissection application in intracardiac nervous system research.
12:15-12:40 Dr. Vladimir Havlicek (Czech Republic) - Imaging mass spectrometry and microbial metabolomics on track of infectious diseases.
12:45-1:10 Dr. Karel Lemr (Czech Republic) - Ambient ionization mass spectrometry in bioanalysis.
1:15:1:40 Dr. Masood Kamali Moghaddam (Sweden) - Advanced Molecular Tools for Proteome Analyses and Diagnostics

Wednesday, September 19th

Biomarkers and Drugs in Ataxia and in Others Neurodegenerative Diseases
Chairman: Prof. Georg Auburger (Germany) and Prof. Luis Velázquez Pérez (Cuba)
Day Activity

Key Lecture:

Prof. Bob Williamson (Australia) - Personalised Medicine: the Application of Genomics to Health Care.
9:30-9:55 Prof. Luis Velázquez Pérez (Cuba) - Biomarkers, Precision Medicine and early intervention in Spinocerebellar Ataxias.
10:00-10:25 Dr. Suzana Gispert Sanchez (Germany) - Novel Atxn2-CAG100-KnockIn mice as model of Spinocerebellar Ataxia type 2.
10:30-10:55 Prof. Georg Auburger (Germany) - Metabolome and lipid profile of SCA2 brain tissue in Atxn2-CAG100-KnockIn mice and in a patien.
11:00-11:15 Coffe Break
11:15-11:40 Dr. Luis Almaguer Mederos (Cuba) - Massive analysis of cDNA ends applications to ataxin-2 knockout mice.
11:45-12:10 Dr. Giselle Pentón-Rol (Cuba) - Modulation of genes for the combination phycocyanobilin and ifn beta promises greater expectations for a new therapy for multiple sclerosis.
12:15-12:40 Dr. María Elena Fdz de Cossio (Cuba) - HLA alleles and TNF promotor genes polymorphism among Cuban patients group with MS and NMO.
12:45-1:10 Prof. Bjarne Udd (Finland) - Assessment of variants in the huge Titin gene - NGS results in 2700 myopathy patients.

Thursday, September 20th

Drug Development and Biomarker Discovery in Cancer
Chairman: Dr. J. Kevin Hicks (USA) and Dr. Julio R Fernandez (Cuba)
Day Activity

Key Lecture:

Dr. J. Kevin Hicks (USA) - Implementation of genomic medicine to guide drug selection and mitigate risks.
9:30-9:55 Dr. Dania M Vazquez (Cuba) - Global analysis of gene expression regulation by anti-tumor peptide CIGB300 in acute myeloid leukemia cell lines.
10:00-10:25 Dr. Stanislav N.Naryzhny (Russia) - Variety of proteoforms in cancer cells.
10:30-10:55 Prof. Mihalis I. Panagiotidis (UK) - Nutriepigenomics: The role of natural products in epigenetic control of human carcinogenesist.
11:00-11:15 Coffe Break