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For contribution as sponsor to BIOINFOMICs 2018 meeting clic HERE

Call for Sponsorship:

We are pleased to offer companies and organizations the opportunity to be corporate sponsors for the International Meeting BIOINFOMICs 2018, which will be held in Varadero from September 17-21, 2018

The Meeting is organized to review the state of the art on technologies for OMICS data generation, bioinformatics and statistical methods for genomic and proteomic research, mass spectra data processing and computational proteomics, next generation sequencing, personalized medicine, epigenetics, integrative OMICS data analysis and system biology based bioinformatics software development among others.

Sponsors are very important to the Workshop, and the Organizing Committee ensures that their contribution is well recognized. We hope you will be part of the International Meeting OMICs 2018!

Contacting us:

For any other questions or requests, please email the Organizing Committee.