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Biotechnology Havana 2006

Biotechnology Havana 2006 was organized by the CIGB Direction of Biomedical Research and was held on November 13 - 16, 2006 at Havana Conventions Center, in Havana, Cuba with the participation of close to 600 scientists from more than 30 countries.

Renowned specialists including Nobel Laureates in Chemistry Dr John Bennet and Dr Rober Huber delivered Plenary Conferences and Key Lectures.
The great success of the meeting was achieved thanks to the high scientific level of conferences delivered by the Invited Speakers, the Poster sessions and the open and frankly atmosphere created for discussions. The main topics of discussions were Infectious Diseases, Cancer Biology, Grow Factors Immunomodulation, Cardiovascular Diseases and Bioinformatics.

The Main Topics discussed were:

  • Cancer Basic Biology
  • Antiangiogenic vaccines
  • HPV vaccines
  • Immunotherapy (mAbs and Plantybodies)

  • Cytokines and antagonists
  • Inflammation
  • Growth Factors and Wound Healing
  • Transfer Factor

  • Adjuvants and Antigen Presenting Systems
  • Viral and Bacterial Vaccines
  • Therapeutics of Infectious diseases Hepatitis, Dengue and Meningococcal and Hib Diseases

  • Genomics, Proteomics & Glycomics
  • Protein Structure
  • Drug Design
  • Bioinformatics

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