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Cancer Symposium Autoimmunity Symposium

During the last years it has been a practice that Invited Speakers register online. It is not mandatory, but rather an altruistic personal contribution to sponsor the participation of Delegates that otherwise would not have the necessary funds to attend the meeting. We thank in advance all Invited Speakers for registering online.

Speakers for the Cancer Symposium:
Speaker Title Institution Country
Rauscher Frank J. Rauscher, III, PhD Epigenetic reprogramming of cancer cells: targeting metastatic and dormant cancer cell phenotypes to effect lasting cures Deputy Director, Wistar Institute Cancer Center USA
Kerbel Robert Kerbel, PhD Experimental therapeutics investigated in preclinical models of early or late stage metastatic disease Professor, University of Toronto Canada
Stanley Pamela Stanley, PhD Roles for Glycans in Cancer and Notch Signaling. Albert Einstein College of Medicine USA
Buchmann Michael Bachmann, PhD UniTARG, a novel modular platform technology allowing to combine BiTE and CAR technology for retargeting of tumor cells Director Institute of Radiopharmaceutical Cancer Research, Head Radioimmunology Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Germany
Ebos John M.L Ebos, PhD Drug resistance in the era of stromal-targeted therapy: Lessons from antiangiogenic inhibitors. Department of Cancer Genetics, Department of Medicine Roswell Park Cancer Institute. USA
Boden Katherine LB Borden, PhD. Molecular targeting followed by Drug Resistance: The story the eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF4E in leukemia Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer University of Montreal   Canada
Rak Janusz Rak, MD, PhD Oncogenic modifiers of exosomal communication within the vascular tumour microenvironment - therapeutic and biomarker implications Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre Canada
Angelo Corti, PhD Peptide-based vehicles for tumor vascular targeting with cytokines Università Vita e Salute San Raffaele, Milan Italy
Gainza Eusebio Gainza, PhD. Micro-nanoformulations for cancer therapy and diagnosis Biopraxis Research AIE Praxis Pharmaceutical Spain
Olagnier David Olagnier, PhD Modulating the Nrf2 transcription factor to potentiate oncolytic virotherapy in cancer Lady Davis Institute - McGill University Canada
Carine Carine Pecqueux, M.D. The clinical perspective of translational multimodal therapeutic approaches to advanced urological tumors Heidelberg University Hospital Germany
Bodo Bodo Lippitz, PhD Unpredicted Cytokine Patterns in Cancer Patients Bupa Cromwell Hospital UK
jenkins Richard O. Jenkins, Prof. Anticancer drug cytotoxicity assessed using controllable HELA TET-ON/HCYP1 cell lines. Head of Research & Innovation, Faculty of Health & Life Sciences De Montfort University, Leicester UK
Daniel80 Daniel Bachiller, PhD. Genomic modification of immune system cells for the treatment of AIDS CSIC, FISIB, Fundación de Investigaciones Sanitarias de las Islas Baleares Spain
Bachvarov Dimcho Bachvarov, PhD. The mannose receptor LY75 (DEC205/CD205) modulates cellular phenotype and metastatic potential of ovarian cancer cells Département de médecine moleculaire, Université Laval Canada
natasha Natasha Frank, MD ABCB5 controls colorectal cancer apoptosis resistance. Brigham And Women's Hospital DF-Harvard Cancer Center USA
Roberto Herrera, Dr. It is important to achieve Gross Total Resection of Brain Gliomas? Contribution of Intraoperative MRI (REMAIN), to do this. Clínica Adventista Belgrano. Buenos Aires.  Argentina
Korneluk Robert Korneluk, Prof. Combination of IAP antagonism and immune checkpoint blockade to treat cancer. Senior Scientist, CHEO Research Institute Distinguished Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa   Canada
Jose Luis Ledesma, Dr. Image Guidance in Glioma Surgery Children Hospital of Buenos Aires Argentina
 Licea Alexei Fedórovish Licea Navarro, PhD The Use of Single Domain Shark Antibodies for Cancer Therapy Experimental and Applied Biology Division, CICESE Mexico
 Pak Vladimir Pak, PhD. Alpha-fetoprotein+toxin complex as cancer immunotherapy. Freelance researcher, Toronto   Canada
Melchor80 Melchor Alvarez de Mon, Prof. Therapy and Diagnostic of Glioma (THERAGLIO) Hospital Universitario Príncipe de Asturias. Facultad de Medicina Universidad de Alcalá. Spain
beug Shawn Beug, PhD. Potentiation of the anti-Cancer Effects of SMAC Mimetics In Combination With Immunostimulants CHEO Research Institute Distinguished Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa   Canada

Speakers for the Autoimmunity Symposium:
Speaker Title Institution Country
Vanda A. Lennon, MD, PhD Neurological Autoimmunity: Immunopathogenesis and Autoantibody Profiles Aiding Diagnosis of Related Systemic Cancers. Dorothy A. Adair Professor, Dep. of Lab. Medicine and Pathology, Neurology and Immunology Mayo Clinic College of Medicine USA
Leis E. Richard Stanley, PhD Studies of the CSF-1 receptor reveal therapeutic targets for tumor progression, leukodystrophies and chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases  Department of Developmental and Molecular Biology, Albert Einstein College of Medicine USA
Willem van Eden, , MD, PhD Towards an HSP70 loaded tolDC cellular therapy for chronic inflammatory diseases. Professor, Universiteit Utrecht NL
bonnan Mickael Bonnan, MD Intrathecal therapy in multiple sclerosis? Review of evidence supporting the need of future trials. Service de neurologie, Centre hospitalier de Pau  france
kamal Kamal D. Moudgil, MD, PhD A novel peptide-directed cytokine therapy for autoimmune arthritis. Department of Microbiology and Immunology University of Maryland School of Medicine USA
pagliari Danilo Pagliari, MD The link between gastrointestinal 'immunological niche' and xenobiotics in the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel pathologies Associate Scientist, Department of Internal Medicine, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome
 markus Markus Frank, PhD Stem cell-mediated immunomodulation in normal skin and skin-associated malignancy Brigham And Women's Hospital DF-Harvard Cancer Center USA
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