CIGB                           Peptides 2015
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The CIGB Biomedical Research Direction organized the 2st International Symposium on Synthetic Peptides as Pharmaceutical Products: Autoimmunity, Cancer and Infection Diseases “Synthetic Peptides Varadero 2015” that was held in Varadero, Cuba, from April 7th-10th, 2015.

The Meeting covered several topics on Synthetic Peptide Chemistry and their Biological Application in autoimmunity, cancer, infectious diseases and other disorders. We talked about modification of peptides, combinatorial peptide library, peptide structure and function and macromolecular peptide assemblies, peptide pharmacokinetic studies, peptide therapeutics and vaccines, peptides in diagnostics and biomaterials, peptide formulation and delivery, peptide manufacturing and peptides in the clinic.
Peptides 2015

We are also organizing Neuroprotection Varadero 2015 on the same place and dates as well as OMICs Varadero 2015 from Oct 27th to Oct 30st, 2015

Information on other International Meetings organized by the CIGB Direction of Biomedical Research for 2015 – 2016 can be found can be found here.
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