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Deadline for Early Registration - Friday, September 15th, 2017


Viral infectious diseases constitute a serious problem worldwide. Acute or chronic diseases may develop when an individual is infected by a virus and this process begins with the attachment and entry of infectious viral particles to susceptible cells. Nowadays, the development of new antiviral drugs and therapeutic vaccines against chronic diseases caused by Hepatitis B, C and HIV viruses constitutes a global priority, and considerable emphasis has been placed on the primary prevention of neglected tropical diseases, like Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya. Thus, the study of the immune response and the immunopathogenesis of these viral infections, as well as the evaluation of analytical systems and animal models applied to the development of more effective therapies and vaccines against them have become important objectives among the research community.

The Biomedical Research Branch of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology invites you to attend the first symposium on Viral Infectious Diseases which is going to be held from October 28th to 31st, 2017 at Melia Marina Varadero hotel, Varadero, Cuba.

The First Symposium of Viral Infectious Diseases will provide a platform with a well-organized scientific program including key lectures, talks and poster sessions. The occasion will favor the exchange and discussion of novel strategies for the prevention and treatment of a wide number of viral infectious diseases. The congress will involve Microbiologists, Virologists, Immunologist, Epidemiologists and Health Care Professionals.

Main Topics

  • Immune response and immunopathogenesis associated to viral diseases
  • Prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines against Hepatitis B, C, HIV and Dengue
  • Antiviral drugs against Hepatitis B, C, HIV and Dengue
  • Co-infections with other relevant pathogens: Challenges and options.
  • Analytical systems and animal models for the study of viral infections
  • Re-emerging diseases: Zika and Chikungunya

Please note that registration for Viral Infectious Diseases 2017 will also grant unrestricted access to the sessions of the VII Symposium on Bioinformatics &  OMICs 2017, which will be taking place in the same conference center.   

Also, there will be a Workshop on "Deep sequencing-based methodologies to study HIV-1 diversity, drug resistance, and reservoirs: from wet lab to bioinformatics tools" More information HERE

Viral Infectious Diseases 2017 will be held from October 28th to 31st, 2017 at the Melia Marina Varadero hotel, Varadero, Cuba.

Information on these and other International Meetings organized by the CIGB Direction of Biomedical Research for 2017 can be found can be found here.



List of Oral presentations
The following Oral Presentations will be delivered at Viral Infectious Diseases 2017:
Speaker Title Institution Country
Gerardo E. Guillén, PhD. Pending Title Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, CIGB cuba
Beat H. Meier, Prof. Solid-state NMR studies on the Hepatitis B core protein Full Professor of Physical Chemistry Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland switzerland
Anja Bockmann, PhD Wheat germ cell-free expression of the Hepatitis B small surface antigen from the human and duck viruses Directeur de recherches, Institut de Biologie et Chimie des Protéines, Lyon, France France
Roger Legrand, PhD New approaches for understanding mechanisms of vaccine induced immunity Directeur du Département, Service Immunologie des Infections Virales et des Maladies Auto-immunes (IMVA), Paris, France France
Lázaro Gil González, PhD A tetravalent formulation of recombinant nucleocapsid-like particles from dengue viruses induces a functional cellular immune response in mice and monkeys Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, CIGB Cuba
Enrique Iglesias, Prof. Preliminary assessment of safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine candidate Teravac-HIV-1 in seropositive patients Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, CIGB Cuba
Anuja Mathew, Dr. Novel assays to identify dengue-specific B-cells Research Associate Professor, College of the Environment and Life Science, The University of Rhode Island

Celia Fernández Ortega, PhD. A novel molecule targeting vimentin intermediate filaments for the treatment of HIV infection Head of HIV Therapy Research. Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, CIGB

Michal J Toborek, PhD. HIV infection in the aging brain Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Miami School of Medicine

Nesri Padayatchi, PhD. Turning the tide on HIV, but not on TB Deputy Director CAPRISA, Centre for the AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine, Durban, South Africa

J. Victor Garcia , PhD. Recent advances in humanized mice for HIV research
Center for AIDS Research (CFAR), the Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases (IGHID), and the Division of Infectious Diseases in the Department of Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Immo Weichert, PhD. The unwell returning traveller - a perspective from an acute physician in the UK National Health Service The Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust, Heath Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom

Lucyna Cova, PhD. Intrahepatic surface antigen clearance following therapy of chronic hepatitis B combining nucleic acid polymer REP 2139 and nucleos(t)ide analogues Group of Pathogenesis of hepatitis B and C infections,Cancer Research Center of Lyon, France

Marie-Louise Michel, PhD. The long road to animal models for HBV infection Laboratoire de Pathogenèse des virus de l’hépatite B Institut Pasteur and INSERM U994, Paris, France

Marie-Lise Gougeon, PhD. Innate Sensing of Viral Infections: the Janus Face of Dendritic Cells and their Contribution to HIV Reservoirs Director, Infection and Epidemiology Department. Director, Innate Immunity and Viruses, Unit Institut Pasteur

Drew Weissman, M.D, PhD. Nucleoside-modified mRNA immunization elicits potent T follicular helper cell responses Division of Infectious Diseases University of Pennsylvania

Jorge Pérez , PhD.  HIV infection in Cuba. Results of ARV treatment 1986-2016 Institute for Tropical Medicine “Pedro Kouri

María G. Guzmán, Prof. Emergency of arthropod transmitted viral Diseases. What to do? Director of Center for Research, Diagnosis and Reference.Institute for Tropical Medicine Pedro Kouri

Iris Valdés, PhD. The Cuban dengue vaccine candidate based on recombinant domain III-capsid proteins Dengue Vaccine Group. Vaccine Department. CIGB

Vivian Kouri, PhD. HIV-1 viral variants circulating in Cuba. Implications for disease progression Head of the Virology Department and STI Laboratory Virology Department, Center for Research, Diagnosis and Reference. Institute for Tropical Medicine “Pedro Kouri”

Julio C Aguilar, PhD. Five year follow-up of chronic hepatitis B patients immunized by nasal route with the therapeutic vaccine HeberNasvac. Head of Hepatitis B Vaccine Group, Vaccine Department, CIGB

Franco Pissani, PhD. FluoroSpot in vaccine research: multiplexing the sensitive ELISPOT assay Scientific Advisor, Marketing & Business Development Mabtech, Inc




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Call for Sponsorship:

We are pleased to offer companies and organizations the opportunity to be corporate sponsors for the International Meeting Viral Infectious Diseases 2017, which will be held in Havana from October 28 to 31, 2017.

TThis in-Cuba wound healing basic science meeting could be the first of a long series of events that aspire to join the efforts of Cuban, American and elsewhere scientists, and clinicians devoted to the science of healing wounds from all the perspectives of the specialty. We are committed with our efforts to turn this meeting in a unique opportunity to set the grounds for join, intense collaborative research efforts, with the aim to contribute to the health and quality-of-life of our peoples.  With this meeting we expect to join under the same and single roof, people with inspiration and creativity in an informal and friendly environment. 

Sponsors are very important to the Workshop, and the Organizing Committee ensures that their contribution is well recognized. We hope you will be part of the International Meeting Viral Infectious Diseases 2017!

Contacting us: For any other questions or requests, please email the Organizing Committee.